NicomDoc 2

(All PDFs are produced with the LaTeX output from NicomDoc.)

1. Specifikation

Specification (PDF)
Math Specification (Loads faster with TeX fonts for jsMath.)
Math Specification (PDF)

2. Input Scripts

Text to NicomDoc RebXML Converter (nicomdoc.r)
Math to NicomDoc RebXML Converter (ndmath.r)

3. Output scripts

3.1 HTML

Control Script (ndoc.r)
NicomDoc RebXML to HTML 4.01 Converter (ndrebxml2html.r)

3.2 LaTeX

Control Script (ndoctex.r)
NicomDoc RebXML to LaTeX Converter (ndrebxml2tex.r)

3.3 Plain Text

NicomDoc RebXML to TXT Converter (ndrebxml2txt.r) (Useful for mail merge.)

4. Examples

Example Document
Example Document (PDF)
Example Source

NicomDoc - 2-Mar-2009