Magnetism in Metals          

A symposium in Memory of
Allan Mackintosh


D.F. McMorrow, J. Jensen, H.M. Rønnow


The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters - Copenhagen 1997



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  Allan Mackintosh, 1936-1995. i


  R.J. Elliott: Developments in magnetism since the second world war. 13

Rare earths and the actinides:

  R.A. Cowley and J. Jensen: Magnetic structures of rare earth metals. 35
  G.H. Lander: Magnetism in the actinides. 55
  K.A. McEwen: Crystal fields in metallic magnetism. 79

Thin films and superlattices:

  D.F. McMorrow: Rare Earth superlattices. 97
  S.S.P. Parkin: Magnetotransport in transition metal multilayered structures. 113
  R. Wu and A.J. Freeman: Recent progress in first principles investigations of magnetic surfaces and thin films. 133

Strongly correlated electrons:

  Y. Endoh: Spindynamics in strongly correlated electron compounds. 149
  P. Fulde: Routes to heavy fermions. 165
  B. Johansson and H.L. Skriver: Itinerant f-electron systems. 185
  D.W. Lynch and C.G. Olson: Photoelectron spectroscopy of cuprate superconductors. 207
  T.E. Mason and G. Aeppli: Neutron scattering studies of heavy-fermion systems. 231
  G.J. McMullan and G.G. Lonzarich: The normal states of magnetic itinerant electron systems. 247
  H.R. Ott: Magnetism in heavy-electron metals. 259
  G. Shirane: Magnetism of cuprates oxides. 281


  M.S.S. Brooks: Conduction electrons in magnetic metals. 291
  B.R. Coles: Dilute magnetic alloys. 315
  E. Fawcett: Spin-density-wave antiferromagnetism in the chromium system I. 325
  D. Gibbs: Two recent examples of x-ray magnetic scattering studies. 345
  H. Ikeda: Neutron scattering from disordered and fractals magnets. 359
  D. Jérome: Magnetism and superconductivity sharing a common border in organic conductors. 375
  O.V. Lounasmaa: Nuclear magnetism in copper, silver and rhodium. 401


Mat. Fys. Medd. Dan. Vid. Selsk. 45 (1997)
D.F. McMorrow, J. Jensen, H.M. Rønnow: Magnetism in Metals.

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