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Jens Jensen


Address: Niels Bohr Institute
  Universitetsparken 5
  DK-2100 Copenhagen
Mobile: +45 23984007
Email: jens@fys.ku.dk
Office: D120


Research area:

I am working on the theory of magnetic structures and excitations in condensed matter systems with localized moments, i.e. primarily systems containing ions from the series of the Lanthanides or the Actinides. I have written a monograph on the subject in collaboration with Allan Mackintosh:

Jens Jensen and Allan R. Mackintosh: Rare Earth Magnetism: Structures and Excitations

published by Clarendon Press, Oxford, England in 1991.

Des McMorrow, Henrik Rønnow and I have edited the proceedings of Magnetism in Metals, a symposium in memory of Allan Mackintosh (1936-95), Copenhagen, August 26-29, 1996 and published by The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Matematisk-fysiske Meddelelser 45 (1997).

Recent publications:

R. Toft-Petersen, T. B. S. Jensen, J. Jensen, M. v. Zimmermann, S. Sloth, F. W. Isaksen, N. B. Christensen, Y. Chen, K. Siemensmeyer, H. Kawano-Furukawa, H. Takeya, A. B. Abrahamsen, and N. H. Andersen, Magnetoelastic phase diagram of TbNi2B2C, Phys. Rev. B 97, 224417 (2018).

J. Jensen, J. Larsen, and U. B. Hansen, Comprehensive cluster-theory analysis of the magnetic structures and excitations in CoCl2·2H2O, Phys. Rev. B 97, 024423 (2018).

J. Larsen, T. K. Schäffer, U. B. Hansen, S. L. Holm, S. R. Ahl, R. Toft-Petersen, J. Taylor, G. Ehlers, J. Jensen, H. M. Rønnow, K. Lefmann, and N. B. Christensen, Spin Excitations and Quantum Criticality in the Quasi One-Dimensional Ising-Like Ferromagnet CoCl2·2D2O in a Transverse Field, Phys. Rev. B 96, 174424 (2017).

R. Toft-Petersen, E. Fogh, T. Kihara, J. Jensen, K. Fritsch, J. Lee, G. E. Granroth, M. B. Stone, D. Vaknin, H. Nojiri, and N. B. Christensen, Field-induced reentrant magnetoelectric phase in LiNiPO4, Phys. Rev. B 95, 064421 (2017).

P. Babkevich,  N. Nikseresht, I. Kovacevic, J. O. Piatek, B. Dalla Piazza, C. Kraemer, K. W. Krämer, K. Prokeš, S. Ma'taš, J. Jensen, and H. M. Rønnow,  Phase diagram of diluted Ising ferromagnet LiHoxY1-xF4, Phys. Rev. B 94, 174443 (2016).

Recent seminars:

Linear Response Theory and the Random Phase Approximation (International workshop on McPhase, Heinz Maier - Leibnitz Zentrum, Munich, 5.-7. November 2014).

Chiral spin-wave excitations of the spin-5/2 trimers in the langasite compound Ba3NbFe3Si2O14 (TEMM, Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, June 2011).

Bose-Einstein condensation - in the spin-dimer system TlCuCl3(?) (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, November 2009).